Design Engineering Works, Inc.

Design Engineering Works is a company dedicated to automobile high performance. We have a passion for cars that perform! We were founded by a small group of engineers that are truly "car nuts". We seized an opportunity to apply our ingenuity and our craze for cars by designing and manufacturing quality car parts that previously did not exist. We felt that our experience in commercial vehicle engineering combined with our ability to continuously stretch the bounds of conventional thinking gave us the unique capability of providing OEM quality parts for things that others haven't even thought of. We look at the world different. We are always finding better ways to do things. We intend to push the bounds of available technologies to cross-pollinate great ideas into other arenas previously unexplored. A company's success is not defined by a strategic vision; its people define it. Our people are our greatest asset. It has been vital for us to tap into our vast knowledge base of talented people. The people we work with continuously amaze me. They have a passion for great products, customer satisfaction, and their fellow employees. They are experts in their fields and they continue to challenge the status quo. Our approach of empowering our employees and our philosophy of great products and great times fosters an environment that enables strategic thinking and creativity. Our staff's commitment, knowledge, energy, drive, and enthusiasm help us and our customers succeed every day. The real difference at Design Engineering Works is our people. Daniel Dew President Design Engineering Works, Inc.